The Case for a Logo Redesign – Rolf Research Foundation

In conjunction with our 2016 redesign of their website, we advised the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation that a logo update was in order.

The original logo, which we had designed back in 2008 was difficult to work with. The organization, named after Ida P. Rolf, understandably wanted to be sure that Ida was “front and center” in their logo!

Here’s the 2008 logo, which as you can see, contained 4 elements: a photograph of Ida, her signature, the complete organization name and a tagline.

The use of 4 elements made the logo overly complicated and the selection and design of these 4 elements, made the logo extremely cumbersome to work with for the following reasons.

1) The photograph of Ida was not vector and therefore did not scale up or down in size easily.
2) The logo (or a relevant portion thereof) did not work within a square format as a social media avatar, and therefore was not easily usable with social media properties, such as facebook, linkedin, and twitter.
3) Having both a photograph and a signature was unnecessary for brand recognition and felt like a “kitchen sink” approach.

We agreed that Ida’s image should be a significant part of the redesign, and proposed a simplified vector logo that will work in a square format. The redesign also involve changing the wording on the logo to ROLF RESEARCH, a simplified version of the organization name.

Both we and the Executive Director of the organization were very pleased with the results, which you can see below:

You can visit their website and see how the logo even works as an favicon.

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