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Exceeding Conventional Wisdom – Cartoonist Knows How to Spread the Word

Free Cartoon
Cartoon Gratis from Terry LaBan of Breakthrough Visuals

I signed up for the eNewsletter of Terry LaBan, a cartoonist, because I liked the unique service he was offering: He would work live to illustrate a meeting (as it was happening), thereby, providing a visual shorthand interpretation that made the meeting progress accessible to attendees and participants in a unique visual way. This process, known as “graphic recording” or “scribing”, captures key bits of information with a combination of text and images. New in business at the time, he was offering his services to nonprofit organizations at no or very limited cost, just to gain exposure.

As I continued to receive Terry’s eNewsletter, I noticed that he had another unique idea: “Cartoons, Gratis!” He offers one complimentary cartoon in each issue! When I first got into email marketing, the conventional wisdom was to offer something of value (an ebook, white paper, etc.) in exchange for obtaining a subscriber’s email address. Terry, on the other hand, provides his readers with a unique item of value on a recurring basis, which they can use as is, or alternatively, hire him to create a similar cartoon, personalized to their business needs.

Learn more about Terry at his new website.

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