Tax time - 1040 income tax form

Tax Time – Learning about marketing from my CPA

Tax time - 1040

What? A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) teaching us a thing or two about marketing?

We know that we need to keep our name and our business name in front of  prospective and current clients.

But, as we consider the effort or expense of putting out that newsletter, designing and mailing those postcards, updating our social networking accounts, etc., we might say to ourselves that this isn’t the right time to market…too much else is going on.

However, this year, I learned about the importance of this making this effort from a different perspective, that of the recipient (target) of the marketing effort.

My company recently switched CPAs and as it turned out our new CPA did not make the effort to keep in contact.

That may not be  too unusual, and may be even typical behavior for a typical CPA. Except that we had been spoiled. My previous CPA had sent us, like clockwork, an annual reminder  that:

  •  tax time was approaching
  •  the importance of prescheduling an appointment due to their workload
  • their extended hours for the tax season
  • current year changes to the tax code
  • recommendations to maximize tax benefits

When November 30 rolled around without a word from my new CPA I started wondering:

  • Is my new CPA still in business?
  • Is my new CPA still interested in my business?

Don’t make your clients and prospects wonder about you. Your ongoing marketing effort can and should show your clients and prospects that you value their business and want to help them succeed.

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